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The reason why we exist hasn’t changed since our founding… to strengthen and secure our clients’ financial well-being.


Lotus Financial Investments Company offers a set of information technology services that help and facilitate trading operations in the Palestine Stock Exchange, which are summarized as follows: –

Electronic trading:

This service allows Lotus clients the opportunity to trade immediately and directly through its website with the Palestine Stock Exchange, as this trading service enables you to buy and sell stocks yourself and without the need for a broker, i.e. from your computer to the market directly.

Customer account via the website:

Lotus customers can follow and monitor their shares and accounts and view their portfolio through this service, as it provides all the information that the customer may need to know immediately and moment by moment without resorting to an intermediary or the need to contact the company, as soon as you enter the password and password, all the small and large information about your account is available to you.

SMS Service:

a) At the end of a working day, and the closing of the Palestinian stock market, Lotus provides a service to send a short message to the cell phone containing the most important information about the Palestinian market on that day, along with the closing prices of the shares of the most prominent and important companies, which are followed by the largest segment of Lotus customers.
b) Trading Confirmation: A short message is sent to the mobile phone containing confirmation of the completion of the trading request “buy or sell” the stocks, which enables customers to quickly and immediately know that the trading has been completed.