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We Are Lotus Co.

The reason why we exist hasn’t changed since our founding… to strengthen and secure our clients’ financial well-being.


Granted licenses

Lotus for Financial Investments is a member of the Palestine Exchange, and holds the following licenses from the Capital Market Authority:...

IT Services

We offer a range of information technology services that help and facilitate trading operations in the Palestine Stock Exchange, which are summarized by:

Money and portfolio management

Lotus for Financial Investments is the first company to supervise the management of financial portfolios in Palestine for its investors...

Issuance of basic and technical financial analyzes

The company issues weekly basic reports on companies in the local and regional market.

Mediation Services

We provide brokerage services to all its investors, whether on the local scale in Palestine or on the regional scale in the Jordanian and Egyptian market.

Rise to the top

Increase Profits

We’re always focused on profits. After all, the main goal of trading is to turn money into more money. It’s easy to get carried away and forget about the very real potential for losses. In reality, limiting losses has the same net effect as increasing profits.

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The Experts

Helping you to learn how to manage risk is just as crucial as finding profitable setups.

try, try again

Best Control Panel

We provide you with the best control panel “Lotus Online” to help you trade and invest on the safe side and track all the information about the stocks.

We strive to make our clients happy

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