The Market

  Banking Sector:
  Arab Islamic Bank
  Bank of Palestine LTD
  The Commercial Bank Of Palestine P.L.C
  Palestine Investment Bank
  AlQuds Bank for Development & Investment
  The National Bank
  Palestine Islamic Bank
  Industry Sector:
  Arab Concrete Products Co.
  Arab Company for Paints Products
  Palestine Poultry Co.
  Birzeit Pharmaceuticals Co.
  Golden Wheat Mills Co.
  Jerusalem Cigarette Co.
  Jerusalem Pharmaceutical Co.
  Palestine Plastic Industrail Co.
  The National Carton Industry
  Vegetable Oil Industries Co.
  Al-Shark Electrode
  National Aluminum & Profile Co.
  Insurance Sector:
  Ahliea Insurance Group Co.
  AL.Mashriq Insurance Company
  National Insurance Co
  Trust International Insurance Co.
  Palestine Insurance Company
  Global United Insurance
  Al - Takaful Palestinian Insurance Co.
  Investment Sector:
  Arab Investors Co.
  Al-ITiman for Investment & Development Co
  Jerusalem Real Estate Investment Co.
  Palestine Development & Investment Co.
  Palestine Industrial Investment Co.
  Palestine Real Estate Investment Co.
  Union Construction And Investment
  Palestine Investment & Development Co.
  Al- Iqaria Trading Investment Co.
  Service Sector:
  Arab Hotels Co.
  Arab Real Estate Establishment. Co.
  Grand Park Hotel & Resorts Co.
  Palestine Telecommunications Co.
  Palestine Electric Co
  Arab Palestinian Shopping Centers Co.
  The Palestinian Company for Distribution & Logistics Services
  Nablus Surgical Center
  Al-Wataniah Towers co.
  The Ramallah Summer Resorts Company
  Wataniya Palestine Mobile Telecommunication Co.
  Palestine Mortgage and Housing Corporation

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