Information technology services

Lotus company internalizes several IT services that help and facilitates trading in the Palestinian shares exchange market, and these services are:

  Lotus E- Trade:

Lotus Company gives its clients the chance to trade directly with the Palestine Securities Exchange by it�s e-trade program through Lotus website, so that the clients can trade live and directly by themselves without the interference of a dealer or any third party.

  Lotus online:

Clients can fined all needed information about the market performance, also can follow up their account and shares, and observe their portfolio, all they need is to inter their username and password on Lotus�s website to get all they need about shares and accounts.

  SMS Services:

1.after the close up of the Palestinian shares exchange markets, Lutos company provides its clients , through sending a small massage (SMS) to their mobile phones, with the daily bulletins, the market performance and the last closing prices of the most active companies in the Palestinian market.

2. Trading Confirmation; a client will be confirmed about his request of trading �whether buying or selling� by reserving a SMS on his mobile phone that tells him that his request was accepted, so that he doesn�t need to call a dealer to know whether the request of trading was done or not.


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